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Barrio Fiesta RSVP for INDIVIDUALS
For group RSVP, click here.


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Events you are planning to attend:
Luncheon with Guest Speaker Leilani Fontanilla
Workshop #1 Philippine History - Presented by Valentin Dagani, Jr.
Workshop #2 Philippine Folk Dance - Presented by Aurora Hansen
Workshop #3 Asians in the Music Industry - Presented by Edwin Banacia
Workshop #4 The Politics of Being Asian and Not Quite So Asian in America - Presented by Kay Picart
Workshop #5 Tagalog Basics - Presented by Mafe Brooks
Concert featuring One Vo1ce

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FSU Student, Faculty, Staff (must show FSUCard at the door) - FREE
Non-FSU Student (must show Student ID at the door) - $5
General Public - $10

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